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Security Santa Cruz is a UCSC School of Engineering club and CTF (Capture the Flag) team that competes under the name "Slug Security". We consist mainly of a handful of undergrads who have an interest in general security and information security in particular.

Please direct any questions to samarnol 'at' ucsc 'dot' edu

Topics of Interest

What is Capture the Flag?

Trail of Bits gives this excellent explanation of CTF competitions:

These competitions distill major disciplines of professional computer security work into short, objectively measurable exercises. The focus areas that CTF competitions tend to measure are vulnerability discovery, exploit creation, toolkit creation, and operational tradecraft.

Basically, CTF competitions are cybersecurity competitions that allow students an opportunity to study and apply the many diverse topics related to information security. Many of these subjects are not covered in the course of obtaining a Computer Science degree, so CTF competitions provide a place to learn and hone these specific skills.


Contact the President

To contact the president, please email: samarnol 'at' ucsc 'dot' edu

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